Throw Some Love in the Stone Soup Pot

There are many ways to get involved in The Stone Soup Collective! Please join the Facebook group Friends of The Stone Soup Collective to find out about special events. Here are some ways you can help:

  • Tell your co-workers, neighbors, and friends about us and create a delivery hub. We will be delivering our soup on a weekly basis to a network of community hubs. Hubs are convenient places where customers can pick-up pre-ordered soup as part of their regular routine. Schools, offices, churches, gyms and yoga studios are good candidates. We have a handy easy-to-use app (estimated launch early June) that will send a notice a couple days before a soup delivery with the menu. You can order and pay with your phone. We will send a reminder when your order is ready for pick-up. Call or message for more information. 

  • Help us make soup. We need sous chefs to wash, chop, simmer and stir every Friday from 1pm to 4:30pm at Charleston Area Senior Citizens at 259 Meeting St. Please message us if you plan to help so we can provide details. Other times are available too, so drop us a line. 

  • If you have an expertise that would be of use to an enterprise of this sort, please consider becoming a part of our team of dedicated professional volunteers. Tech, bookkeeping, accounting, PR, event planning are just a few areas we could use help with. Call or message if you can contribute your know-how. 

  • Be creative! If you see an opportunity for us to take this soup adventure to the next level please share and step up! We welcome community involvement - we are community involvement! 

  • Donate! Money isn't wealth, but it is a handy way of transmitting energy, especially if you have more of it than you have time.