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The Modern Barnraising

Crowdfunding is a powerful way for a community to come together to support worthy projects and endeavors. We, the core group of volunteers who have planted The Stone Soup Collective seed, are sharing our vision with you with the hope that you will be inspired by what we can create together.

Collectively we have the means to bridge the gap for food insecure seniors - and much of what we need is currently going to waste in local fields and compost heaps. Making this happen requires sufficient capital to get this venture started.


The Stone Soup Collective is a unique value proposition: once we are operational, we intend to be self-sustaining. Your donation will go to creating an engine of food production and distribution that will generate its own fuel! In terms of community wealth building we aim to deliver a substantial return on your investment. It's a simple idea - we will feed people by feeding people. But to do this, we need the support of people like you. 

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