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The Stone Soup Collective aims to create a community where all are nourished body and spirit by the abundance of the Lowcountry, its earth and its people. We're doing that now one bowl of soup at a time, and we are interested in taking this idea to another level of collective action so we can nourish all: The Stone Soup Cooperative will be a worker-owned enterprise that makes delicious ready-to-eat plant-based meals and snacks from as much locally grown food as we can source.

Some ideas:

  • The Stone Soup Cooperative initially will provide meals to local institutions and large businesses. Getting an anchor customer will be a prerequisite to launching this effort. (MUSC has expressed interest!) 

  • Affordable options would be sold in collaboration with corner markets and other retail stores in areas lacking access to healthy food - until healthy choices are easy, delicious and affordable the standard American diet will continue to undermine well being.

  • A main goal will be to remedy the sub-standard food-like substances government programs are feeding our community's most economically disadvantaged children.

  • In recognition of the relationship between our ecology and our food system we will reward local farmers for adopting regenerative agricultural practices which are a powerful leverage point in our efforts to reverse the climate crisis and enhance the water retention capacity of soil, thus helping to alleviate flooding risks. 

  • By deeply aligning the well being of our environment with community prosperity for all through an enterprise structure that empowers its worker-owners we believe we can create powerful and lasting positive change.   


Please email Renee@TheStoneSoupCollective.com or call 310-995-1582 if you have questions.