Organize a pick up hub

Our main distribution channel for our soup offered for sale are community hubs where we deliver multiple orders to a single location on a weekly basis. You can think of this a bit like a CSA (community supported agriculture) but your veggies have already been made into delicious soup. No subscription is required, order when you want via our convenient app (coming very soon). 

What is entailed in being a pick up hub?

  • Allow a Stone Soup Collective volunteer to distribute orders on your premises, ideally in a location protected from inclement weather, for 30 minutes once a week at a regular time convenient for you and your community. 

  • Permit us to place informative literature in a location where your community members are likely to see it.

That's it! Souper easy and a great way to nourish our community, body and spirit. If you would be willing to volunteer your business, church, school or other location to be a Stone Soup Collective pick up hub please call Renee at 843-410-0106 or email Thank you!